A Sprinkle of Self-Love on your Valentine’s Day

A Sprinkle of Self-Love on Your Valentine’s Day

5 Self-Care Practices

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and everyone has their mixed emotions about this holiday. Putting romantic relationships to the side, let us focus on self-love this year for Valentine’s day. Here are some self-care practices that FCAD recommends!

Spiritual Self-Care

Read your bible, be with God, go to church… The closer our relationship is with God, the more our self-love will strengthen. Through Him we can find our identity and feel truly accepted. If you think you need guidance on this spiritual journey to self-love, we suggest doing bible studies with your friends or family or join religious groups. Keep Him close to your heart, in all that you do! Once we genuinely know our truth through Him, we will see ourselves in a beautiful way.

Make Time for Yourself

Life is extremely busy, and we can get lost in our routine. We often forget to give ourselves the time we need to stop, relax, and recharge. Make an initiative to take time out of your day to have quiet time by yourself. Use this time to meditate and reflect on yourself and your lifestyle. This time will help us realize what we can work on, what we are proud of, etc. These understandings will push us to grow to in self-love.

Stay Physically Healthy

Being physically healthy is an important component for self-love. Being healthy helps us physically and mentally feel better about our self. Participating in healthy habits (working out and eating healthy) improves respiratory and cardiovascular health. This reduces fatigue and increases our immune system which leads us to feel like our best self all the time. With this kind of discipline, we will have a sense of pride of the lifestyle we accomplished. But above all, remember to love the body God gave you.


Hobbies can relieve stress, increase our knowledge, build confidence, and challenge us. If you enjoy doing something, do it often. This self-love practice can help calm nerves after a hectic day. Engaging in something you like to do is relaxing. The more you practice hobbies the better you will execute them. This will gradually increase your self-esteem, in return giving you that boost of confidence.

Treat Yourself

Get yourself a treat; you deserve it! Often, we feel like we need recognition from our superiors, family members, or significant others for when we work hard or do something great. Although appreciation does feel good, how about we have self-recognition instead? You are trying your hardest and persevering… be proud of yourself! Treat yourself to a pedicure, massage, or even a Dairy Queen Blizzard. You do not need other people’s praises; you need treats!

Contact Us

FCAD wants all our dancers and families to know we love and appreciate you! We are so grateful for the family that has been built here and the positive atmosphere that you all have created. Email us your favorite self-care practices or if you want to be a part of our encouraging family! May God bless you and know that you are loved.


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