Class Descriptions

Mommy & Me

This 30 minute class is designed for mom and children ages 18-24 months in a 12 week session. The use of props, mats, and sing-along songs allows each mom to help her child develop motor and coordination skills in a fun, structured environment. This class is a perfect opportunity for babies to get in on the dance fun before they are old enough to join class on their own for more dance instruction.

Preschool Dance (ages 2-4)

A 45 minute class focused on the foundation of ballet and tap technique. Students will also be guided through creative movement and refining gross and fine motor skills.

Beginner Combo Classes (ages 5-7)

A 1 hour class focused on building the foundation and technique of ballet and tap. Students will begin to learn combinations and more complex choreography. Beginner combo classes teach musicality, creativity and team work while working to reach their goals as a dancer.

Advanced Children/Pre-Teen Classes (ages 8-13)

A variety of more disciplined classes to equip the student with performance skills and a more well-rounded dance education. Students will continue to build on musicality, complex choreography and technique.


The foundation of all other forms of dance. Students will learn the core steps and technique associated with the art of dance. Ballet is a disciplined class that trains the dancer for the future.


One of the oldest forms of dance dedicated to teaching rhythm, timing and coordination. Tap also teaches quick thinking.


Jazz teaches body isolations, stretches, turning and leaping and is usually set to upbeat music. This a great fun class for any dancer.


Tumbling is a combination of acrobatics and gymnastics. It consists of floor tricks (cartwheels, round offs, backbends...etc) It focuses on building muscle, strength and flexibility.

Hip Hop

These dynamic, upbeat classes teach hip hop technique and choreography with no suggestive music/movements. Dancers develop rhythm, coordination, and self-expression.