More than Movement

There are so many incredible dance events that travel right here to our area!  I've had the pleasure to attend many events right here in the Gulf Coast area that myself and my dancers have learned so much from.  With that being said, you may ask why in the world I would pack my dancers up and take them to Dallas to take classes?  Let me give you a little back story.  At FCAD, it's more than just movement for us.  All of our music is carefully selected and we dig deep into the lyrics.  All our music is life giving, redeeming and encouraging.  We believe fully in building our dancer's character and helping to develop the child in a way that equips them for all that life will throw at them.

I attended Dance Revolution for the first time last year.   I have been in the dance industry for 29 years and I have NEVER experienced anything like it.  There was no question for me, I knew that the dancers at FCAD had to be a part of this!  It's not easy organizing a group to travel 8 hours away, but it was worth every second!  
We loved the Meet & Greet glow party on Friday night!  Dance Revolution is so welcoming!  They take all of the extra steps to make the weekend so special for each dancer.

Saturday morning started with prayer and worship followed by taking classes from an incredible faculty!  They share our beliefs in selecting music that is life giving.  I love watching my students increase their dance knowledge and increase spiritually as well.  Our students really focused on building themselves as dancers and as children of God.  Every dance class throughout the weekend included short devotions, lifegiving messages and prayer.

Saturday evening included our 2017-2018 performance debut!  We loved performing one of our new routines and cheered on so many other wonderful studios as they performed as well! It was a great evening in a no-stress environment!

Sunday morning started with a worship service that was so moving.  It was the perfect way to start the day.  Watching my dancers kneel down in prayer during an open alter call left me almost in tears.  I will remember that moment forever and I believe they will too.  

Everything that Dance Revolution does is Jesus focused.  My students left this event feeling encouraged and refreshed.  The smiles on their faces all weekend long was the outward display of what was happening on the inside.  This convention is like no other.  Thank you Dance Revolution for another incredible year of classes.  Thank you for drawing us closer to God while challenging us with our talents!  We laughed, we cried, we praised and we danced!

Until next year...

Always dancing,

Mrs. Christina