Untapped and Big Announcement!


You may remember our filming back in the summer for the documentary "Untapped".  It was an incredible experience to say the least!  All of the people we had the pleasure of meeting along with all the new opportunities made available to our studio have been incredible! In my 11 years of business, this experience probably rates in my top 3 best experiences of Footprints. It was truly an honor to be a part of this documentary along with just a few other studios from across the United States and Canada.


Last Tuesday, we had the chance to view the private screening for the film.  I rolled out the red carpet and is was quite a special night for the girls.  We were all anxious and excited!  Our students captivated us in the opening scene of the documentary.  Wow!  How awesome is that?  During that 60 minute film, we truly got a look into what a dance studio is all about.  Its teachers and students have a truly unique realtionship!  Dance studios are about family!  It is NOT what TV has made its audience believe.  It's a tight group that loves and supports each other.  We cheer each other on in victory and cry with each other during dark times.  I think of my students as my own children as do so many other studio owners across the nation. 


The entire experience was one to remember!  But it doesn't end there!  "Untapped" was picked up for distribution which means the film will be available through streaming services and retail stores!  What???  Yes!!!  How exciting!  Our official release date is April 29th (International Dance Day).  

I am so humbled at all the new opportunities we have as we move forward! It's an exciting time!  I know that God placed all the right people in our path to make this possible!  He gets the glory for this incredible experience and I am praising Him now for all that is coming!  

There is no better time to be a part of the Footprints family than NOW!

Always dancing,
Mrs. Christina